Centennial Classic Uniforms: Leafs, Wings Look to the Next Century

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Red Wings Leafs Jerseys

The Detroit Red Wings and Toronto Maple Leafs, two of hockey’s most historic teams will meet at an event held where hockey was originally played — outdoors, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the formation of the league.

It was begging for historic uniforms. Just begging.

Instead it’s all about the future for the 2017 Centennial Classic, the event logo featuring silver and black gradients and the two teams outfitted with silver trim added to their classic looks, one even with a chrome effect added.

Welp, at least it’ll look vintage if they wear these same uniforms for the Bi-Centennial Classic in 2117.

2017 Maple Leafs Centennial Classic Jersey

Starting with the host Maple Leafs, the uniform matches what we posted last week: blue with a white and silver horizontal stripe across the chest, on that stripe is the Leafs new logo outlined in silver with the veins inside the logo also silver. White laces are at the collar and player numbers are blue on the sleeves (contained entirely within the stripe) and blue with white trim on the back.

Leafs Centennial Classic Jersey number

Leafs Crest Centennial

Fans of history won’t walk away entirely disappointed, on the pants is the single block “T” logo – used by early Toronto professional hockey teams such as the 1914 Stanley Cup champion Blueshirts and 1918 champion Arenas. The press release also confirms our thought that the horizontal stripe was a nod to the old Toronto St. Pats.

Leafs Centennial Jersey

“The NHL Centennial Classic will be a special moment in our year-long celebration of 100 years of Maple Leafs hockey and this new sweater offers a signature look for the occasion, combining important elements of our club’s past, but also our present and future as it features the new Maple Leaf crest,” Toronto Maple Leafs President Brendan Shanahan said in the release, “We look forward to this event being a memorable day for both our fans and our team and this unique sweater will be an important part of those memories.”

Moving on to the Detroit Red Wings, sadly this won’t be a red vs blue affair like we saw when these two got together for the 2014 Winter Classic in Michigan.

Red Wings Centennial Classic Jersey

Detroit will be in white jerseys with a silver gradient treatment given to their standard jersey crest, something typically reserved for a Stadium Series game.

Red Wings Centennial Classic Crest

On each sleeve is three red stripes and one silver stripe, within that single silver stripe are the years in which the Red Wings have won the Stanley Cup.

Red Wings Years on Sleeve

It almost looks like they’re engraved into the sleeve, this is very well done.

Red Wings Jersey Centennial Classic 2017

The collar is designed like those worn in the early years of the league — back when they were literally sweaters, as is accurate for that era there are no laces.

The 2017 NHL Centennial Classic will be played on New Year’s Day in Toronto outdoors at BMO Field, temporarily re-named Exhibition Stadium for the event.

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