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With the final week of the NFL regular season coming up this weekend, some NFL teams and players are making a last ditch effort to qualify for the playoff, while others are starting to look forward to next season. If you’re interested in betting on some playoff games, click here for US top rated football lines.

Before the Super Bowl is played, the best players during the regular season will be celebrated at the Pro Bowl, which is the NFL’s All-Star game. Over the years, the Pro Bowl has traditionally been between the AFC All-tars and the NFC All-Stars.

In an effort to attract more television viewers, the NFL decided to go with a new format with two Hall of Famers acting as team captains. The captains then got to select the players they want on their team regardless of the conference they play in.

The new format also led to a uniform change that a lot of fans and players weren’t too excited about. Due to the minimal impact the new format had on the game and television ratings, the NFL decided to go back to the old AFC vs NFC format, much to the delight of the fans and players. However, the game was moved from Hawaii to Orlando, Florida this year, which has led to a few players indicating they wouldn’t attend if they are invited because they enjoyed taking a vacation in Hawaii.


Despite the complaints about the venue, people are still excited about the game returning to its old format. Another improvement the NFL made for the Pro Bowl is scrapping the old uniforms for new ones. Photographs of the new uniforms were leaked over the weekend and from what we’ve seen, the new uniforms are quite impressive.

While the NFL is going back to its roots for the Pro Bowl, the game will still be played a week before the Super Bowl, a rule the league adopted in recent years. Since the game will be played before the Super Bowl, players that were selected to participate whose teams made the Super Bowl, will be unable to play in order to avoid injuries before the big game.

The players that were selected to play in the Pro Bowl but can’t due to their team advancing to the Super Bowl, here the best odds, will be replaced by players that will be announced after the conference championship games.

After an impressive season that surprised a lot of people, the Oakland Raiders had a league leading seven players selected to play in the Pro Bowl. However, quarterback Derek Carr suffered a broken fibula last week and will miss the rest of the 2016 season.

The Dallas Cowboys, who are favored by many to win the NFC, have five players going to the Pro Bowl, including rookies Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot, who helped lead the team to the best record in the NFC.

In addition to the new players that will be participating in their first Pro Bowl, veterans like Tom Brady, who was selected to his 11th Pro Bowl, and Larry Fitzgerald, who is making his eighth appearance, are also expected to be there if their teams don’t advance to the Super Bowl.

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