Program Offers Early Look at Super Bowl LII Logo

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U.S. Bank Stadium

Thanks to the program for the upcoming Super Bowl LI we have ourselves a look at the logo for next year’s game in Minnesota.

There’s little surprise anymore when it comes to what the new Super Bowl logo will look like anymore. Since Super Bowl XLV in 2011 the logo has basically followed the same idea, Lombardi Trophy in the middle, Roman numerals surrounding it, with a little hint of something local thrown in to set them somewhat apart. The template underwent a slight tweak for LI after the special commemorative one-year-only gold version for Super Bowl 50. This tweak for LI is being carried over to LII.

With Super Bowl LI being played in Houston what we thought was the “something local” was a splash of red, perhaps represents the Texans who wear red, white, and blue uniforms. With the game set for Minnesota in 2018 certainly the “something local” would be purple, right?

Wrong, apparently… if this graphic in the program is to be trusted. Take a look:

SB 52 Logo in Program

A little closer…

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 20.07.03

Looks like powder blue to me.

So now this asks the question, what does the colour represent? Surely not the host team. Is it red for AFC host and blue for NFC? Does it have to do with the state flag? The colour scheme of the host stadium? Hey, maybe it’s whatever political party the state tends to vote for.

We took the graphic from the program and edited the current Super Bowl LI to try and get a higher resolution look at the new logo, here’s what we came up with:

Super Bowl LII Minnesota 2018

The only major difference from LI other than the colours and an extra “I” seems to be an additional splash of colour on the right side of the trophy stand, the blue you see above there is silver this year.

Special thanks to Twitter user @ChiBearsM for the heads up on this story

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