Team USA will go with dark gray road uniforms at World Baseball Classic

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WBC 2017 USA uniforms f
The next edition of the World Baseball Classic is right around the corner, which is nice because it helps cut down on the sad period of time that we all have to endure without meaningful baseball being played at a high level. With the competition on its way, it’s time to take a look at some uniforms that have surfaced online.

Most of the uniforms are pretty straightforward, but Team USA will be taking an interesting route with their road uniforms. Remember when the Diamondbacks shocked the baseball world with their dark gray road uniforms (which they later tweaked)? Well, if you’re a fan of that then you’ll be a fan of what Team USA will be wearing as the road team for games in the WBC.

WBC 2017 USA uniforms

In my opinion, the issue isn’t necessarily the shade of gray. I’d prefer the “normal” shade of gray, but this shade isn’t that bad. It’s the design, and I’m not a huge fan of USA Baseball’s logo package and I’m definitely not a fan of the faux-sleeve look that a lot of teams are going with for the WBC. So this isn’t a good look, and I don’t have too much hope in this uniform looking good on the field, either. I’d imagine that they may not be the only team wearing dark gray away jerseys for the WBC, either.

We’ve only gotten to look at a few uniforms so far, and right now, there’s nothing inspiring from a design standpoint. I mean, just look at what Venezuela will be wearing!

What is going on here?

What is going on here?

That’s just my opinion, though — what do you all think about this? Will the dark gray jerseys look good for team USA? Do you want to see more of this?

(Hat tip to @GuitaristRobDog on Twitter for alerting us to this.)

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