Pics: Marlins Jersey with Fernandez, All-Star Patches

Written By:  •  Friday, February 10, 2017

Jose Memorial Patch

The Miami Marlins will be wearing two jersey patches throughout the upcoming 2017 season, one in celebration of a good time this Summer, the other mourning the loss of a teammate’s life. Thanks to two photos Tweeted today, via @JoeFrisaro and @clarkspencer we got a good look at the two new patches.

First is the Jose Fernandez memorial patch. The design is identical to the patch the players wore during the last week of the 2016 season but has been moved from the sleeve to the chest over the heart. The patch shows Fernandez’s number 16 in white on a black circle with white trim. The Marlins are also planning on retiring Fernandez’s number during the season.

Marlins All-Star Patch

Moving to the sleeve is a patch recognizing the Miami Marlins as host of the 2017 MLB All-Star Game. The patch differs in a couple of ways from the logo unveiled by the league last year, first it’s missing the MasterCard logo which (sad but true) is part of the official league logo, secondly the patch is on black while the actual logo is not. Gives it a much different look.

The Marlins are but one team who will be donning commemorative patches during the 2017 season, to name just a few — the Atlanta Braves will wear a patch celebrating their first season at a new ballpark, the Baltimore Orioles for their 25th season at their ballpark, and the Seattle Mariners for their 40th anniversary.

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