Legendary NHL Forwards in the Wrong Uniform

Written By:  •  Tuesday, February 21, 2017

nhl hhof forwards in wrong uniforms

Perhaps just as memorable as a legendary player is the uniform he wore during his Hall of Fame career. Try as you might, you simply can’t separate the image of Guy Lafleur from that classic Montreal Canadiens uniform; when you close your eyes to think of Bobby Hull, odds are you’re seeing him in a Chicago Blackhawks jersey. Time has a way of making those particular associations far more vivid in our memories, even though we may start to forget that Lafleur was once a New York Ranger or Hull was a Hartford Whaler for nine whole games.

In my latest post for NHL.com I take a look at some of the Hockey Hall of Fame forwards who quickly stopped for a cup of coffee with one team before or after their biggest years with another.

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