English soccer team Plymouth Argyle causes stir with kit choice

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On this side of the pond, it’s not really shocking to see sports teams wear their “away” uniform for home games. It’s almost becoming a regular occurrence in the NBA, and there have been multiple occasions in MLS where both teams chose to wear their clash kit. That doesn’t happen over in England, where strict kit rules make sure that you will at least see the home team wearing their home kit for all but one game.

However, that hasn’t stopped EFL League Two (fourth tier) side Plymouth Argyle from switching things up a bit. They’ve worn three different variations of their home kit so far this season (which basically makes them the Oregon Ducks of League Two) and then caused an even bigger stir by wearing their all-white clash kit for their home match against Blackpool.

plymouth argyle green

This also brought up questions as to why Plymouth decided to wear white. Are they doing it because the shade of green is too close to the color of seats in their home stadium? Are they doing it because their all-green kit blends in with the grass? While team manager Derek Adams cited both of those as reasoning for the team to wear white shorts and/or socks in past games this season, he said that the white kit choice for their previous match was just that — a choice.

Speaking before their defeat by Notts County on 28 February, 41-year-old Adams said there had been issues with Plymouth’s home colours.

“We have changed the kit about a bit – had white shorts and white socks because of the reason that the kit is too dark,” he told BBC Radio Devon.

“It blends in with the seating and it blends in with the grass, and that’s the reason we have changed it for a number of home games this season.”

However, after the Blackpool game Adams said the kit change was a spontaneous decision and did not affect the result.

An example of Plymouth wearing their white shorts and socks with their home shirt

An example of Plymouth wearing their white shorts and socks with their home shirt

Either way, it’s kind of amusing to see this much of a commotion being raised over a team choosing to switch up their choice of uniform for one game — and in the fourth tier, no less! Either way, which kit combo do you think that Plymouth should roll with as their home kit? All-green from head-to-toe? Green shorts with white shorts and/or socks? Should they break all the rules and just wear white at home all the time? Let us know what you think!

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