Pittsburgh Pirates will have new cap for camo uniforms in 2017

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Pirates Camouflage

Ahead of the 2015 season, the Pittsburgh Pirates unveiled camouflage alternate uniforms that were to be worn for select home games.

Pirates DIamondbacks 5

The above photo is from last season, and as you can see, the Pirates have been wearing camouflage hats to go with the uniforms. That’s about to change, as a new hat has come on the horizon. The Pirates have yet to officially unveil it, but according to Chris, this new hat will be worn with the camo unis.

Pirates hat

The Pirates have worn a couple of different camo uniforms in their uniform history, with their initial look including a black hat with a camo-P on the crown.

Pittsburgh Pirates Camouflage Jerseys 2012

So, this isn’t Pittsburgh’s first go-around with tweaking their camo look and it may not be their last. With that being said, what do you think of the new hats? Are they better than the digital camo, or should they have kept the all-camo look?

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