Durham Bulls mark 20th anniversary of affiliation with Tampa Bay Rays with alt uniforms

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Durham Bulls rays f
The Durham Bulls have been around since the 1900s and received a huge boost in notoriety following the release of a movie in the late ’80s that you may have seen once or twice. However, for the past 20 years of the Bulls’ experience, they’ve served as the Triple-A affiliate of the Tampa Bay Rays. The Bulls have mostly stayed the same with their visual identity during this period, while the Rays went through a couple of looks before settling upon their current look.

Now, the Bulls are celebrating their 20th anniversary of affiliation with the Rays by wearing uniforms that are very similar to what the Rays wear as alternates.

durham bulls rays 1

durham bulls rays 2

As a comparison, here’s a look at Tampa’s alternate uniforms.

The big differences come in the personalized logos for the Bulls, which look very good and are a fitting tribute to the relationship between the two baseball clubs.

Durham bulls rays logo

durham bulls rays hat

Minor league baseball is the land of wacky uniforms, but this is a stroke of creativity on the Bulls’ part. There are worse uniforms that you could emulate, and the Bulls are fortunate that the Rays have a solid identity and one of the better alt uniforms in baseball, because this definitely works. Plus it helps that they also came up with a special logo for the occasion.

What do you all think? Hit or miss for the Bulls here?

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