Orioles to Incorporate Maryland Flag into Jerseys

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Maryland’s state flag has inspired some outlandish fashion trends in recent years, infiltrating the sports world on the Maryland Terrapins football helmets and in the Baltimore Ravens’ alternate logo. The Baltimore Orioles are the latest to incorporate the gaudy red and yellow of their home state’s flag into their home whites.

Bird-FlagThe O’s will wear Maryland flag–themed jerseys this Saturday, May 20, in a game against the Blue Jays at Camden Yards to commemorate Celebrate Maryland Day. The flag’s patterns, taken from the family crests of the Calvert and Crossland families way back in 1634, will adorn the script and uniform numbers on the Orioles’ jerseys, and will be featured on the brim of their cap. The jersey will also include a sleeve patch derived from the flag.

Promotional materials for the day feature the Orioles’ cartoon bird swinging a Maryland flag instead of his usual baseball bat.

Color theory enthusiasts will be happy to note that adding red and yellow to their existing orange will give the Orioles a monopoly on the warm half of the color wheel.

Game-worn uniforms will be auctioned off to benefit the Baltimore Orioles Charitable Foundation.


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