Adidas Vid Gives Glimpses of New NHL Jerseys

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Adidas NHL

Just a few days after Adidas shared all those NHL team specific teaser images a new video emerges! The video shows brief glimpses of their new NHL jersey in between the flickering of static but hooray for screengrabs!


@Woodencan shared all the other images he was able to pull from the video, here they are:

Adidas NHL Teaser 1


Adidas NHL Teaser 3

Adidas NHL Teaser 2

We’re confident in saying it’s for a generic black-and-white hockey jersey rather than that of any one team, the focus here is on the cut of the new Adidas hockey jersey and the style of those numbers.

Right off the bat, hey, this looks like a World Cup of Hockey jersey. The dotted-pattern on the shoulders, the numbers, and the collar (you’ll see a better look later in this post) immediately look familiar to the tournament held back in September.

© Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Speaking of the numbers, those are interesting aren’t they?  Looks like they’re printed onto a single layer, a single piece of fabric — in this example both the 1 and 7 of “17” are together rather than a separate “1” and “7” as we would’ve seen forever. The numbers then appear to be pressed onto the jersey rather than stitched.

Playing with the brightness and contrast on the image makes the joined numbers much more clear:

Adidas Teaser

The collar includes the NHL shield but looks like it’s no longer on that wedge that spanned between the two sides, now on an upside-down pentagon (which we saw at the World Cup) with that “Chromoflex” style of patch we’ve seen a lot of in Major League Baseball lately. Again, playing with the sliders and we can see this pentagon shape a little better:

Adidas Teaser 2

We’re now less than a week away from seeing all thirty-one team jerseys, they will be unveiled at a league event in Las Vegas on the evening of June 20th.

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