Another Round of NHL Jersey Teasers

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Another day, another round of new NHL Adidas jersey teasers.

In the week leading up to their league-wide unveiling, teams have been Tweeting out teaser images of their new jerseys. Monday saw a portion of the front crest, yesterday we got a generic look at the Adidas jersey cut, today we see the Adidas logo, the back collar, and a portion of the player font.

A back collar may not seem like a lot but it actually told us plenty.

I was able to quickly notice several changes ranging from font style to collar striping, some teams like Nashville and Colorado appear to be removing some of the clutter that came with Reebok era in favour of a cleaner look. We did some side-by-sides to show what we found (ignore some colour discrepancies, we had to alter the brightness and contrast settings to get a more detailed look at some elements)


Predators Change

Nashville is removing the blue arch at the back of the jersey, we hope this means the front will be similarly scrubbed.


Oilers Change

We knew about Edmonton already but it’s our first good look at it, here’s the new darker shade of blue. Also changing is the collar to a solid blue from orange/blue/orange, and the lettering for the name has its colours swapped.


Flames Change

Calgary is dropping something they’ve had for a while, the lettering for the name will no longer be in italics. The Flames have used italics for their player names for 22 years, since the 1994-95 season.


Devils Change

New Jersey is one team we kept hearing about, but the teasers haven’t revealed much in terms of change yet. Here we see the collar will be red instead of black/white/black.


Bruins Change

Boston is getting a necessary tidying up on the lettering for the player name. The extra black outline is gone, now simply yellow and white.


BlueJackets Change

Columbus is carrying over the font from the third jersey they wore last season, the collar also looks to be blue/red now rather than white/red.


Avalanche Change

Colorado’s looking great in what little we’ve seen so far. Here they de-Reebok the uniform, eliminating the wedge above the name and adding a silver (or white? hard to tell) stripe between the blue and the burgundy. The collar also looks to be a solid blue now rather than white/blue.

Here’s a look at all the teasers which were released today:

Check out this link to see all the previous team teasers released earlier in the week. Everything will be unveiled officially on Tuesday, June 20th.

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