California Golden Bears unveil new Under Armour-designed football uniforms

Written By:  •  Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Back on June 1st, Cal Athletics made their relationship with Under Armour official, and that included a bit of a refresh with their logos and overall athletic branding. No uniforms were unveiled at the time, but here we are at the month of June and now we’ve got a look at what the football team will look like this Fall.

For reference’s sake, here’s what the team’s home football uniforms looked like during the 2016 season.

Now, here’s what they look like under the Under Armour umbrella:

The home uniforms appear to be very simple. It’s definitely less complicated than what they wore during their final years under Nike, but sometimes the best way to start off is with a clean slate, right?

The most unique thing about the uniforms is the Sather Stripe. The special striping pattern takes inspiration from the lines that can be found on the exterior of the Sather Tower that’s located on Berkeley’s campus. The design team for UA decided to use this as a replacement of sorts for typical Northwestern stripes, and it’s a very interesting change of pace when it comes to striping patterns.

Again, there’s more to come when it comes to Cal and their athletic design. The basketball uniforms will be released in the future, and we could see the rest of the athletic program get a new look as well. What do you all think of the football team’s new look, though? Approve or disapprove?

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