Say hello to the Syracuse Salt Potatoes

Written By:  •  Friday, June 30, 2017

If the term “salt potatoes” sounds to you like a magical combination of two of the most delicious food things you could ever combine, then you are spot on. It turns out that during the steamy summer days in Syracuse, New York, barbecues and picnics and fairs feature tiny potatoes boiled in very salty water. The result, as you might imagine, is breathtakingly magical tiny potatoes prepared for human consumption by unicorns wearing aprons and fairies wielding salt shakers.

The local minor league baseball team, the Triple-A Syracuse Chiefs, will pay homage to the city’s regional specialty for one game, when they  play as the Syracuse Salt Potatoes. The Salt Potatoes are the latest food-based temporary nickname, following in the footsteps of successful promotions like the Fresno Tacos and Lehigh Valley Cheesesteaks.

The Chiefs, an affiliate of the Washington Nationals, are breaking all sorts of their own sales records, and have sold merchandise to fans in almost 40 states in just a few days.

“Salt Potatoes merchandise sales have been absolutely amazing this past week,” said Jason Smorol, general manager, quoted on “The color scheme, the angry potato logo, everything about it is great and our fans have recognized that. We have been swamped with in-store shoppers and online orders. It is great to see our fans so excited about this fun promotion.”

The game will take place August 5 at 7:05pm against intrastate rival the Rochester Red Wings.

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