Something Blue: Dallas Mavericks Slightly Alter Colours for 2018

Written By:  •  Friday, June 30, 2017

The Dallas Mavericks are changing their colours for the 2017-18 season… but you wouldn’t have noticed if it weren’t for us weirdos on the Internet (Psst… those are the new colours in the graphic above, see what I mean?)

Thanks to a Tweet from Mavs beat reporter Earl K. Sneed we’ve learned that the Mavs will have a “deeper” shade of blue going forward starting with the upcoming season.

We took a look at the Mavs’ official style guide for the upcoming year and were able to confirm the change in their blue, so it’s definitely happening.

But that’s not all!

An eagle-eyed reader of ours followed up asking if the shade of silver was changing too, a quick look at the style guide confirmed this thought. The blue and silver are both new.

We’ve gone ahead and done some side-by-sides for you to show exactly what has changed with both colours:

I contacted the Mavs asking for the reason for this change and did not receive a reply at the time I wrote this. I can go ahead and put on my thinking hat and presume it has something to do with the Nike switchover this off-season, perhaps Nike couldn’t quite replicate the Mavs 2016-17 shade of blue? Again, just a theory.

We’ll update this post should we hear back from the team but they’ve probably all checked out for the 4th of July weekend already. Good on ’em, have some fun.

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