Detroit MLS expansion team could be named Detroit City SC

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While most fans of the current soccer team in Detroit want no part of Major League Soccer coming to town, there still appears to be a decent-sized push for MLS to plant its flag in the Motor City. That push is getting closer and closer to reality after the ownership group in charge of the push registered some interesting domain names.

Crain’s Detroit Business is reporting that a bunch of domain names that center around the name of Detroit City Soccer Club or Detroit City SC have been registered for by Palace Sports and Entertainment, which is the ownership group that’s shooting for bringing an expansion team to Detroit. Here’s more information from the article:

The domain names, all registered Sept. 28 through a Palace email address, are variations of “Detroit City Soccer Club” (see box). The domains, which expire Sept. 28, 2018, currently redirect to

They were discovered by Crain’s using a reverse domain lookup, which allows anyone to find website domain names registered using a specific email address.

Additionally, the Twitter account @DetroitCitySC, created in January, is a locked account with no information available.

The article also makes sure to note that this doesn’t necessarily mean that Detroit City SC will be the name of the expansion team. It’s also extremely close to the name of the already-existing-and-popular Detroit City FC, though the article also noted that the joint duo of Tom Gores and Dan Gilbert (yes, that Dan Gilbert) could give DCFC the financial investment they need to turn fully professional and also give them access into Detroit’s “soccer ecosystem” as they described it.

With that being said, considering how popular Detroit City FC is even as just a semi-pro club, I’d imagine that the ownership group would love to capitalize on that popularity and keep the “Detroit City” name going when it comes to possible MLS expansion. Obviously nothing is set in stone, but there’s already a decent foundation to build on here.

What do you all think of this? Should Detroit’s MLS bid absorb the identity of Detroit City FC? Or should they come up with something unique while leaving DCFC alone? Let us know what you think.

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