Gwinnett Braves announce finalists in name-the-team contest

Written By:  •  Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Triple-A Gwinnett Braves, who will rebrand for the 2018 season, announced the six finalists in their name-the-team this morning. The names listed below and the rationale behind them come from the G-Braves website, where the vote is taking place as you read. I have broken them down into four categories:

Great: This One Should Win

Button Gwinnett portrait by Nathaniel Hone

Gwinnett Buttons: The Buttons honor Gwinnett County’s namesake, Button Gwinnett, signatory of the Declaration of Independence. [Author’s note: Vote for this one!]

Not Bad

Gwinnett Hush Puppies: Our stealthy hunting dog is sneaking through the weeds, about to rustle up some ducks. But don’t think we’re all that serious. You can expect a “corny” fan experience at the “Puppies” game!

Gwinnett Big Mouths: Named after the state fish of Georgia, the Big Mouths are a tribute to bass fishing on Lake Lanier.


Gwinnett Gobblers: The Gobblers celebrate the outdoors, hunting and eating all the foods we love in the state of Georgia.

Gwinnett Sweet Teas: It’s a regional icon “to a tea!” The Sweet Teas celebrate the laid-back lifestyle of Gwinnett County while displaying a real sweet look.

Terrible in Every Way

Gwinnett Lambchops: A chop off the old block, the Lambchops marry the region’s love of home cooking with the Tomahawk Chop of the Atlanta Braves.

Here’s the official announcement from the team:

Whichever name wins, you can rest assured that fans will hate it for three days, complain about it bitterly on Twitter, then embrace it whole-heartedly and buy all of the team’s new merchandise.

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