What We Know About the New Nike NBA Alternate Uniforms

Written By:  •  Wednesday, September 6, 2017

As we’ve seen in the past couple of months, each NBA team has been officially releasing their new “Icon” and “Association” (the new name for what was previously known as “home” and “road”) uniforms. Now, in the coming months, each team is set to unveil their remaining 3rd and 4th uniforms known as the “Athlete’s Mindset” and “Community” uniforms.

There seems to be a general consensus that the rough official release date for these uniforms will be Fall 2017 for the Athlete’s Mindset uniform and Winter 2017 for the Community uniform.

Through knowledge gained from personal sources and catching clues and glimpses of uniforms from video games and behind-the-scenes images, I’ve come up with some “uniform estimation” renderings. The accuracy of each image varies, so here’s a list of each rendering and a short description of its accuracy and a link to “evidence” if it’s been made public.

  • Boston Celtics Black – wordmark + number is 100% accurate, guesstimation for sides and collar / arm trim
  • Brooklyn Nets Dark Grey – wordmark + number is 100% accurate, guesstimation for sides and collar / arm trim
  • Charlotte Hornets Purple – guesstimation based on Icon & Assoc. unis featuring “HORNETS” wordmark
  • Chicago Bulls Black – ~90% accurate, as seen here.
  • Detroit Pistons Chrome – ~90% accurate, as seen here.
  • Golden State Warriors Slate – ~90% accurate, as seen here.
  • Indiana Pacers Gold – wordmark + number is 100% accurate, guesstimation for sides and collar / arm trim
  • Minnesota Timberwolves Green – ~90% accurate, as seen here.
  • Oklahoma City Thunder Navy – ~75% accurate, as seen here, slight guesstimation of the “lightning bolt” treatment to wordmark
  • San Antonio Spurs Silver – ~90% accurate, as seen here.
  • Utah Jazz Gold – wordmark + number is 100% accurate, guesstimation for sides and collar / arm trim


Without further ado, the renderings:

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