Royals commemorate 50th season with special logo

Written By:  •  Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Promotional materials that the Kansas City Royals released yesterday announcing their 2018 schedule include a logo commemorating the team’s 50th season. The commemorative logo features the Royals’ crown, a fixture in the team’s brand since it was created by Hallmark employee Shannon Manning prior to the team’s debut.

The 50th season logo is featured at the top of the team’s printable 2018 schedule (above), and appears in the lower right corner of a promotional graphic the team tweeted yesterday (below).

The Royals, named for Kansas City’s American Royal stock show, debuted in 1969, filling the baseball void created in the city by the 1967 departure of the Kansas City Athletics for Oakland.

The 50th season logo joins two other anniversary logos the Royals have used, including one marking their 25th season in 1993 and another in 2009 marking the 40th anniversary of their inaugural season.

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