New Nike Jersey Gets Ripped in NBA Debut

Written By:  •  Sunday, October 1, 2017

Well this tears it.

The NBA pre-season got underway last night and therefore the new Nike jerseys were making their in-game debut across the league… one didn’t survive the night.

During the Los Angeles Lakers – Minnesota Timberwolves game in Anaheim, Lakers point guard Tyler Ennis tried to break down court only to have the back of his jersey torn in half by Minnesota’s Aaron Brooks.

The Zapruder-like stills:

Ennis had to leave the game while a new jersey could be found; opting not to keep the souvenir himself, Ennis tossed his shredded top into the Honda Arena stands.

Nike, who like most other uniform manufacturers, designs with the athlete-in-mind, perhaps tailored this to appease the NBA’s biggest star LeBron James who famously ripped the sleeves off his Adidas jersey during a game a couple of years ago.

A video of the Ennis jersey tear:

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