The L.A. Blues: Rams and Chargers Show their Colors

Written By:  •  Friday, October 20, 2017

Neither Rams nor Chargers are, by BetNow Sportsbook standards, NFL powerhouses, but if both teams are having a case of the blues, it’s not just because of their records – though the Rams are faring much better than expected. Their starting quarterback, Jared Goff, in particular, has come a long way since his disastrous rookie season last year, when he went 0-7 in seven starts and a league-worst 22.2 quarterback rating. This season, however, about the only thing that Goff and the Rams are catching flak for is their “mismatched” colors, although the young signal-caller actually likes the navy blue/white configuration.

“I actually think they look kinda cool. I truly don’t think they look weird, especially yesterday with the white pants. I think it’s kinda cool,” Goff said on the Dan Patrick Show on Monday. He may be the only person in the City of Angels who feels that way, by the way. Everybody else in Tinseltown is making, as Angelenos are wont to do, the proverbial mountain out of a molehill just because the white horns on the Rams’ helmets don’t match the golden trimmings on their jerseys. It’s like, you know, a short-lived sitcom a few years ago – which was, coincidentally, titled It’s Like, You Know… – about a New York writer who, while staying with a friend in La La Land, finds himself in a sort of bizarre world in which minutiae such as, well, wearing matching colors is a matter of life and death.

While it’s true that the team is owned, as NFL teams are, by a gazillionaire, isn’t football supposed to be, you know, blue collar. Only in LA do the people who worry about wearing white after Labor Day also comprise the football-watching audience. That is, nonetheless, the Rams’ target market and they should, accordingly, cater to it. They are, after all, in the midst of the so-called “Battle for Los Angeles” with the erstwhile San Diego Chargers. While the Rams are 2-0 this season when wearing navy, the Chargers are 16-16 when wearing their alternate powder blue uniforms since 1994. Regardless of win-loss record, though, ESPN writer Eric D. Williams suggests making the powder blue, “one of the best looking and most recognizable uniforms in sports” the Bolts’ permanent home uniform.

The iconic look dates back to 1960, when the Chargers started AFL play in LA. In a way, the Chargers could only be said to have truly returned to Los Angeles until they bring the powder blue back for good. As Paul Lukas said, “other teams do use” the powder blue, but it’s the “the Chargers get a lot of credit for it, and for the Chargers, it is always called powder blue,” not “baby blue, sky blue or Carolina blue,” even though those colors are all as indistinguishable as regular Duff, Duff Light, and Duff Dry. The NFL allows teams to change their uniforms once every five years. The last time the Chargers made changes to their uniforms was in 2012. So the time is, as they say, ripe.

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