New Nike NBA City Edition Uniform Details, Mockups

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As we’ve all witnessed in the past couple of months, Nike has progressively released each NBA team’s “Association”, “Icon” and “Statement” uniforms (what we’d have previously referred to as the home, road, and alternate jerseys). Eight teams have even unveiled their Classic Edition uniforms.

But still to come some time in the next few weeks, the “City” uniform. All 30 teams will have a “City” uniform, this will complete the 4-5 uniform rotation that every team in the league will have at its disposal from here on out.

Via details I have learned, and descriptions of many of the City Edition uniforms, I was able to create rough mockups of the to-be-released uniforms. This post will focus on the first eleven of these teams, and there will be subsequent posts with more mockups to come.

*Important things to note before you look at these mockups*

These mockups are compiled from a general description of the uniform where the only confirmed design detail is the primary colour of the uniform and (for some of the uniforms) the wordmark / logo to be placed on it.

The placement of elements, the colours / design of collar and arm-hole details may be inaccurate.

The below mockups serve as more of a jumping-off point to begin discussion about the upcoming City Edition uniforms.

Here’s a quick rundown of the “legitimacy” of each of the uniform’s designs:

  • Brooklyn Nets – 100% accurate (unless my source has seen a finished prototype model and declared it as official)
  • Cleveland Cavaliers – uniform colour, detail colors & wordmark text correct, but collar / arm design & side design unknown
  • Detroit Pistons – uniform colour & wordmark text correct, but collar / arm design & side design unknown
  • Los Angeles Clippers – uniform colour correct, but wordmark, collar / arm design & side design unknown
  • Memphis Grizzlies – very likely 100% accurate
  • Miami Heat – uniform colour, detail colours & wordmark style (it’s a script very close to what I’ve used) correct, but collar / arm design & side design unknown
  • Milwaukee Bucks – uniform colour, logo (but maybe not correct logo) and # placement correct, side panel design likely correct, but collar / arm design unknown
  • Oklahoma City Thunder – uniform colour, detail colors & wordmark (though colouring may be different) and side design correct, but collar / arm design unknown
  • Portland Trail Blazers – uniform colour and pattern, detail colors & wordmark correct (though colouring of wordmark and # may be different), but collar / arm design & side design unknown
  • Sacramento Kings – uniform colour, logo (but maybe not correct logo) and # placement correct, top panel design likely correct, but collar / arm design unknown
  • Utah Jazz – uniform colour scheme likely correct, wordmark correct, side design likely correct (but may be different colour), but collar / arm design unknown

Without further ado, here are the mockups:

I now have “official” confirmation that the above uni we first saw here is indeed the Nets City Edition uniform.

So what do you think about the possible City Edition uniforms we’ll be seeing in the NBA this season? Let us know in the comments below!

Also, stay tuned for my subsequent set of mockup images coming in the next couple of weeks where I’ll tackle 11 more rough mockups of this season’s Nike NBA City Edition uniforms.

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