2017 Black Friday Sales Around Sports

Written By:  •  Friday, November 24, 2017

If you’re like me, you buy sports merchandise a lot (maybe too much?). I have a closet full of shirts, jackets, caps, jerseys most of which are featuring teams I’ve never cheered for in my life; but I like the logo or I just like having something that many people who live in my neck of the woods might otherwise not own. Whatever the reason, they’re there, and I like that they are.

Today is “Black Friday” in the United States and ever-increasingly in Canada as well, sales are going on everywhere and the major sports leagues in North America are no exception. Here I’ve compiled a quick guide to the sales each of the five major leagues are running today – November 24, 2017. Most, if not all, of these sales end at midnight tonight so get to it.

The biggest discount goes to the National Football League who is offering 30% off any order that tops $25 in total… which in reality is almost anything you could find worth getting on there. Promo code is FRIDAY30, and you can check their sale out here.


Major League Baseball takes it down five percent to 25% off but does not have the $25 minimum. Their discount applies to any order except a few items already on clearance. A good time to get that new jersey, perhaps, you’ve been waiting for. Promo code is DUGOUT, and you can browse their shop here.



The National Hockey League is offering select items 25% off for their Black Friday sale today, unfortunately this doesn’t apply to items like jerseys, or any of the merch for the upcoming NHL100 Classic and Winter Classic. The promo code is NHLBF17 and you can browse here if you’re in Canada or browse here if you’re from the United States.


Like the NHL and MLB the National Basketball Association is offering 25% off everything today excluding “select jerseys”, whatever that means. The NBA isn’t requiring a minimum order, promo code is DUNK and you can check that out here.


Finally, Major League Soccer is indeed doing a sale today as well, just not quite as big of a discount as the other four leagues. Folks who purchase items from the official MLS Shop will get 20% taken off any order that tops $40, so basically any jerseys or sweatshirts or if you’re looking to get a combination of items in one shot you’ll be taken care of. The promo code for this deal is MLSBF and their shop is right here.


Thanks for checking this out, and if you ended up buying any sports merch today please share pics in the comments! I always love seeing what logos people have added to their collections. Happy shopping!

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