Vermont Lake Monsters commemorate 25th season

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The Vermont Lake Monsters will commemorate their 25th season with a commemorative logo. The design firm Brandiose posted a set of possible logos on social media that will incorporate the team’s current colors with a nod to the franchise’s past.

The Lake Monsters franchise has played in Burlington, Vermont, since 1994, when the Jamestown Expos moved there from Jamestown, New York. They remained the Expos through 2005 (a year after the Montreal Expos moved to Washington DC to become the Nationals), when they rebranded as the Lake Monsters, an homage to their mascot, Champ the legendary monster of nearby Lake Champlain.

One of the possible 25th-season logos features the Roman numerals XXV, with the team’s original Expos logo from 1994 serving as the V in XXV. The other logos in the set feature Arabic numerals, with Champ’s tail represented in the bowl of the number 5.

The Lake Monsters franchise has played in the short-season single-A New York-Penn League since they debuted in 1977. After being affiliated with the Expos/Nationals for much of their existence, they have been affiliated with the Oakland A’s since 2011.

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