2018 MLB Playoffs: Best Jersey Tournament

Hey, which 2018 MLB Playoff team has the best uniform? That’s the question we all really wanna know this time of year, none of that other stuff really matters much.

Starting with the NL Wildcard game on October 2nd and running through the next couple of weeks we’ve been holding polls on our Twitter account to determine which team of the two meeting up in the bracket has the best uniforms. The bracket is based on the starting 2018 MLB Postseason bracket and only teams who qualified for the postseason this year are included.

In the opening round we pitted the Chicago Cubs up against the Colorado Rockies and, well, apparently the Cubs *can* win something this October as they dropped the Rockies to the tune of 56% – 44% after 1638 votes were cast in just a few hours; a night later the Oakland Athletics stunned the New York Yankees 67%-33%, 1869 total votes cast.

So far in the LDS round, the Los Angeles Dodgers bested the Atlanta Braves 55-45% and the Chicago Cubs topped the Brewers 54-46 to both advance to our NLCS, on the other side the Astros destroyed the Indians 73-27 and Oakland continued their dominance over the beasts of the AL East beating the Red Sox 64-36%.

Last night the Los Angeles Dodgers punched their ticket to the Uniform World Series beating the Cubs 54-46, while the Oakland A’s passionate fanbase helped them again toppled their opponents winning 66-34 over the Astros.

I made a handy bracket graphic to help keep track of all of this and will update as the tournament goes on:

Click pic for larger view

So if you’re a fan of team names scripted diagonally with a tail across the front of a jersey with a number below to the left, a single sleeve patch, and no other decoration, then hey! This Jersey “World Series” is for you. Oakland vs Los Angeles, voting begins today October 26th and we’ll carry it on through the weekend, I guess.

Remember to check our Twitter feed for updates and to vote.