Richmond Flying Squirrels unveil Funnville identity

Written By:  •  Sunday, January 14, 2018

Ask any minor league baseball executive what the game is all about and you will hear the same answer every time: Affordable, fun, family entertainment. At this level, teams know that attracting fans to the ballpark is about the experience, not the product on the field. This revelation has led to a slew of outrageous promotional nights, temporary identities, and wacky team names.

To this end, the Richmond Flying Squirrels, a Double-A affiliate of the San Francisco Giants, have unveiled an entirely new identity for Sunday games, branded “Funnville” (the extra N is for funnnnnnn!). Per the team, Funnville is meant to be “a name and brand identity to the core of what the Flying Squirrels experience is all about.”

“Every year, we really try hard to reinvent ourselves,” Squirrels’ vice president and COO Todd Parnell told the Richmond Times-Dispatch. “Whenever I’m around town and I ask somebody, ‘What do you think about when you think about the Squirrels?’ the very first thing they say, almost exclusively, is ‘Fun.’ ”

Fun(n), as expressed visually through this identity, includes balloon letters set in basically all of the colors set against a star-splashed turquoise background. The wordmark will appear on a tri-tone hat that will accompany the jersey.

The Funnville brand will be found throughout The Diamond, including on an inflatable arch that fans will pass through on their way into the stadium. The Squirrels will debut the new look Sunday, April 15.

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