Tampa Bay Rays to Wear 20th Anniversary Patch in 2018

Written By:  •  Monday, February 5, 2018

The Tampa Bay Rays will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of their inaugural season with a commemorative patch during the 2018 season.

At least that’s according to a video game, as far as we can tell the team hasn’t actually officially unveiled or announced anything yet.

Courtesy a trailer for the upcoming Sony PlayStation 4 game MLB 18: The Show, a scene showing the Tampa Bay Rays playing in Toronto is included and on the sleeve of the Rays player we see there’s a patch:

Click image for larger size (via Twitter/@alufkin21)

It’s tough to tell at such a low resolution but it appears to be a blue home plate shape with a large “20” in white; there’s something additional included (please be a devil ray) at the bottom but too small for us to make it out.

Hopefully the Rays release the logo soon so we can get a better look at this special patch! (update, it’s out!)

The Tampa Bay Rays began play for the 1998 season back when they were known as the Tampa Bay Devil Rays; the team wore funky uniforms featuring a rainbow yellow-green-blue-purple gradient across their jersey wordmark, sleeve patch, and cap logo. The gradients were replaced after only three seasons with a more simple green-black-blue look before the team completely re-branded with the shortened name and the blue/white uniforms in 2008.

UPDATE (Feb 5/18): Twitter user @deejaygee007 points out the patch is for sale at TheEmblemSource, here it is!


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