Toronto FC reveals Championship Edition kits for 2018

Written By:  •  Monday, February 19, 2018

The defending MLS Cup Champions from 2017 will have a new look on both their brand-new clash kits and their regular primary kits, which are being carried over from last season. First, we’ll start off by taking a look at what has been changed when it comes to their primary kit. It’s a very minor detail, but it probably means the world to TFC and their rabid fanbase since a golden star has been added above the team’s crest.

Per MLS rules, Toronto FC will get to keep the gold star for the entirety of the 2018 season before reverting to a permanent silver star in 2019 (assuming they don’t go back-to-back). So if you’re a TFC supporter and you liked last year’s kit, then you now have a legit reason to buy the same shirt. Stars shine forever, right?

The golden star will also be on display on TFC’s new clash kit, which is white with a red collar and granite-colored sleeve cuffs. Overall, this is a very simple kit, and the traditional Adidas three stripes run down the sides of the jersey instead of on the shoulder. Other than that, it’s a run-of-the-mill look and if I’m being totally honest, it’s a bit of a downgrade from their previous clash kit. I guess good things can’t last forever — especially in the ever-changing world of soccer kits.

While it may be a downgrade, it’s still a perfectly acceptable look for the Reds and I’m sure that their fans will care more about the “small” addition of a championship star than they will about moving to a simple and nondescript clash kit. What do you all think of TFC’s new look for 2018, though?

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