All MLB teams to wear Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS caps this week

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In the wake of yet another mass shooting, the senseless act of violence that happened at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School hit home for everybody who watched the coverage of the shooting. It especially had an effect on the MLB teams who are currently in Florida for the start of spring training.

According to this report from, there were a few teams in the Grapefruit League who came to MLB with the idea of wearing caps with the school’s baseball logo on them in an effort to show solidarity with the people of Parkland, Florida. Fortunately, the idea spread to the rest of the teams who are in Florida and the teams in the Cactus League in Arizona also wanted to don the caps as well.

As a result, all 30 teams have decided to get on board and now every team in Major League Baseball will wear the caps — which are being made by New Era — on Friday (with the Royals and Rangers wearing them on Saturday since they’re off on Friday). Here’s what had to say about how the caps will be utilized past this weekend.

Players across MLB will then be signing the caps and auctioning them to raise money for the Broward Education Foundation, which will benefit the official Stoneman Douglas Victims’ Fund. Seventeen people were killed in the shooting, including 14 students and three staff members.

“It’s a tragedy. It was a tragedy that hit the state of Florida, where we have two teams, but obviously has very specific baseball connections,” Commissioner Rob Manfred said. “Really a very strong sentiment among the clubs that this was the appropriate thing to do immediately.”

At times like this, you’d like to see this bring out the best in humanity in response to the awful act of violence and the stunning inaction from those who could help to curtail it from happening in the future. So it’s good to see MLB doing their part by trying to raise money for the official victims fund. It’s especially nice to see the Marlins going a step further by adding a patch to their jerseys and wearing special shirts for batting practice.

Again, it’s nice to see people doing what they can to help out and this seems like a pleasant gesture on MLB’s part.


UPDATE (Feb 21/18 9:31pm ET):

We now have a photo of the actual cap design which the teams will be wearing this week in honour of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School:

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