Logo for the 2018 NHL Draft in Dallas Unveiled

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The National Hockey League today unveiled their logo for the 2018 NHL Draft which will take place in Dallas, Texas; the unveiling comes just one day after the league announced Vancouver would host the draft in 2019.

Carrying on the same style as the past eight NHL Draft logos, the design features the backdrop of the Stars’ state of Texas alternate logo in their black-and-green, outlined in silver. Across the front of Texas is where we see the same style as previous years: the NHL shield logo above “DRAFT” in silver and grey, three shooting stars flying by below acting as an underscore.

A wordmark logo featuring just the templated elements as well as a French version of the primary mark were also unveiled.

Yes, it’s a templated logo system without being overly obvious about it but you should take some notes here Super Bowl – the NHL Draft has a better logo than you *every year* all while still using the templated look you so stubbornly insist on sticking with.

From the NHL press release:

The 2018 NHL Draft logo builds upon the strong sense of Texas state pride as the Stars celebrate their 25th anniversary this season, marking the first 25 years of NHL hockey in Texas. The 2018 event will mark the first time the Stars and the City of Dallas will host the NHL Draft. NHL club executives, scouts and coaches will be present on the NHL Draft floor while thousands of fans and hundreds of print, television and radio media are expected to attend.

Just to clarify, it’s the “first time the Stars” specifically have hosted. The North Stars hosted in 1990.

As we look back at the past 30 years of NHL Draft logos you can see the league has gone through eras of using a template, using a semi-template, and just doing whatever.

The era we’re currently seeing living in has been going since 2010, by far the longest “style era” thus far of NHL Draft logos.

The 2018 NHL Draft will be held at the American Airlines Center in Dallas and is a two-day event, running from Friday, June 22nd to Saturday, June 23rd.

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