2018 NFL Draft Caps Released

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New Era and the National Football League unveiled the new collection of NFL Draft caps for their 32 teams to present to the newest member of each club as they’re selected at the draft to be held later this month.

There are multiple colour options for each team but the “on stage” edition will be those designs you see here in this post, these are all a grey crown with team colour on the brim.

Each cap features a customized slogan for each team, some are simple such as Green Bay’s “Go! Pack Go!” and Oakland’s “Raider Nation”, others are nicknames for the fan base like Cleveland’s “Dawg Pound”, and then you’ve got New England’s way of welcoming new kids to the club, “Do Your Job”.

Arizona and Atlanta both used “Rise Up”, and of course end up being the first two displayed alphabetically

Jacksonville reminding us of the focus of their soon-to-be-released new uniforms:

And San Francisco having none of this slogan thing:

A look at the entire league, click image for a much larger version (y’know, so you can actually read all of them):

Click image for a closer look

On the inside of the cap there’s an additional slogan, I guess what finished second in the marketing department? A sampling of those:

These caps are all available for sale, both in the correct “dad cap” format and the “ugh, you’re doing-it-wrong” style; as well as additional colour options for each team. You can buy those or just check them out here!


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