New Amarillo baseball team announces name finalists

Written By:  •  Wednesday, May 30, 2018

In 2019, Amarillo, Texas, will play host to affiliated minor league baseball for the first time since the Amarillo Gold Sox left town in 1982. The city will welcome the franchise that is currently playing its last season as the Double-A San Antonio Missions. San Antonio will become home to a new Triple-A Missions team, which is currently the Colorado Springs Sky Sox. The void in Colorado Springs will be filled by the short-season Single-A Helena Brewers, who will assume the moniker of Sky Sox.

Amarillo’s relocated team will need a new nickname, and we know now what the possibilities are. With the assistance of Brandiose, the finalists in the name-the-team contest are as follows (the explanations are from the team):

Amarillo Boot Scooters: The Boot Scooters combines Amarillo’s genuine welcoming attitude with its fun western heritage.

Amarillo Bronc Busters: Amarillo has deep cowboy roots and the Bronc Busters honors the community’s resilient, independent spirit.

Amarillo Jerky: Commemorating its famous cattle drive, there’s only one region that can lay claim to the “Beef Capital of the World.”

Amarillo Long Haulers: Long Haulers celebrates Amarillo’s famous Route 66, open roads, wind-bent trees, and the fun of Minor League Baseball.

Amarillo Sod Poodles: A pioneer’s nickname for “Prairie Dogs,” this fun-loving local animal is very aggressive in protecting its family and home.

You can vote for your favorite until June 13.

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