Stars and Stripes Across MLB, Patriotic Uniforms for July 2-3-4

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Starting Monday and continuing for Tuesday and Wednesday, all Major League Baseball teams will be wearing commemorative stars and stripes patterned caps, jerseys, and socks in celebration of the Fourth of July / Independence Day holiday in the United States.

Caps for Fourth of July “weekend” this year are either red or navy blue depending on what each team chose, the logos on the front will be gold and have a stars-and-stripes flag pattern added to them along with the American or National League logo on the side. The Toronto Blue Jays will simply have a gold logo without the American flag pattern — note that the Jays have already worn this cap in 2018, during their Canada Day game against the Tigers this past Sunday.

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A sample of the general design you’ll see for each:

Upon its initial release in March we originally saw a “We the People” design and a flag pattern underneath the visor, this has since been changed to remove the “We the People” script:

The under visor colour also changes based on the colour of the cap’s crown – some of these will be red, others blue but all feature the field of stars and the stripes – you can consult the league-wide graphic below to see what colour your team decided to go with.

The Toronto Blue Jays also originally had a similar “before” design under the visor but with all the America replaced with a Canadian flag and “CANADA” scripted across. This has also been changed but instead to just a plain red visor.

A look at the caps to be worn across the entire league:

As was the case with Memorial Day earlier this year, the jersey design for the Fourth of July celebration is exactly the same as it was last season:

Here’s how they pair up across the league. Be warned, as I’ve learned a few times this year, despite these being the photos that were released they won’t necessarily be the jersey colours the teams choose to wear — the “design-style” will be the same regardless:

Toronto typically saves their dual-flag jersey for the Fourth itself.

Socks are the same as last season, probably because they look great and reportedly were a hit with players:

Like Memorial Day, proceeds of Fourth of July merchandise sales go to MLB Charities to support programs for service men and women, veterans and military families. You can get your hands on the Stars and Stripes caps and jerseys right here.

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