Lake Monsters to play game as Vermont Maple Kings

Written By:  •  Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The only professional sports team in the state of Vermont, the Single-A Vermont Lake Monsters, is paying homage to the state’s syrupy heritage with a one-game rebrand later this season. The team will take the field as the Vermont Maple Kings, the latest entry in the trend of minor league baseball teams adopting locally significant food-based identities.

Per the team, the nickname is a tribute to the state’s agriculture and maple sugaring industry: “Rooted in tradition and naturally good, maple and baseball are two Vermont mainstays. Sugar makers tap sugar maple trees with spouts, and during springtime’s warm days and cool nights, the sap flows into the sugar house, where it’s boiled to produce naturally sweet, pure Vermont Maple syrup.”

The Brandiose-designed logo features an anthropomorphized crown-wearing maple jug holding a bucket of syrup and a cork screw used for drawing the sugary goodness from trees.

The Lake Monsters will take on the Maple Kings identity August 4 against the Hudson Valley Renegades.

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