Dallas Stars Player Borrows Jersey from Fan, Wears In Game!

Written By:  •  Monday, September 24, 2018

Dallas Stars forward Alexander Radulov was apparently having trouble with his jersey during Saturday night’s Stars pre-season game against the Florida Panthers in Tulsa, Okla… so he simply borrowed a new one from a fan.

According to a story posted to Facebook by Levi Patton, Radulov kept tugging at his jersey during the first period possibly due to a poor fit; when the first intermission came around a staff member noticed Patton’s Fanatics replica “Radulov” Stars jersey, a Christmas gift from his girlfriend Nicole, and asked if Radulov could wear it for the rest of the game.

Patton naturally said “yes”.

A screencap sent to us by Saxon Brack shows that indeed, Radulov was wearing a Fanatics replica Dallas Stars jersey during the overtime win.

Radulov wearing a fan’s replica jersey during a pre-season game

Patton says the jersey was returned to him following the game, “tattered, sweaty, and autographed”; and then I hope immediately into a frame on his wall!

To the poor authenticator brought this jersey sometime in the future, coming across this article who rightfully initially thought “but this is a Fanatics replica, it couldn’t possibly have been worn in-game”… hey, maybe not? Good luck with that one.

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