NHL Twitter Emoji Hashtags for Each Team in 2018-19

Written By:  •  Monday, October 1, 2018

The 2018-19 NHL season is upon us and with that… NHL Team Emoji Hashtags!


Here’s a complete list of all the custom team emoji hashtags that you can use while tweeting and the logo that will appear next to each one. Every team is using their standard primary logo as their emoji except for the Anaheim Ducks who are using their 25th anniversary logo.

NHL Emoji Team Hashtags Twitter 2018-2019

NHL Emoji Team Hashtags Twitter 2018-2019

As someone who tries to have their Tweets taken, at least, somewhat seriously I prefer a hashtag that’s no-nonsense, the New York Rangers or Islanders here are good examples. I’m much more likely to Tweet #NYR in a Tweet about the Rangers than I am to Tweet #TakeWarning in a Tweet about the Hurricanes, for example. But then again, these hashtags are meant for the fans of the team, not sports logo reporters.

Here’s a look at the hashtags MLB teams chose for the 2018 season when they were given their shot

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