Which MLB Playoff Team Has the Best Uniform?

Written By:  •  Wednesday, October 3, 2018

That’s the question we all really wanna know this time of year, isn’t it?

Starting last night and running throughout the next couple of weeks we’ll be holding polls on our Twitter account to determine which team of the two meeting up in the bracket has the best uniforms.

Last night we pitted the Chicago Cubs up against the Colorado Rockies and, well, apparently the Cubs *can* win something this October as they dropped the Rockies to the tune of 56% – 44% after 1638 votes were cast in just a few hours.

So how it works is the Cubs move on to face the Brewers and tonight we’ll have the Yankees face the A’s. I made a handy bracket graphic to help keep track of all of this:

Click pic for larger view

The winner tonight goes on the face the Red Sox, etc.

You can vote for the A’s or the Yankees on our Twitter page here until about 9pm ET. We’ll move on to the LDS rounds tomorrow.


So while putting this bracket together I thought, “hey… that looks kinda neat”, so I made one for the *actual* playoffs too in case you wanted to use it for whatever folks use brackets for:

Click pic for larger view

There it is.


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