2018 NFL Week 9 Uniform Matchups

Written By:  •  Sunday, November 4, 2018

And just like that, the 2018 NFL season is halfway over. Welcome to your Week Nine NFL uniform matchups where we see a few unusual combinations – the Raiders started things off wearing their ColorRush jersey (but not pants) on Thursday, the Bills, Panthers, Browns (and Saints and Seahawks, but those aren’t as unusual) keep it going with monochromatic sets at home. The Patriots are scheduled to wear their ColorRush combo once again, while we see the Ravens in their black alts against the Steelers.

We talked about this earlier this week, but the Dallas Cowboys are wearing white pants (rare) with their blue jerseys (not so much) at home (okay, that’s rare) against the Titans (all in white) for the Monday nighter.

Matchup of the week was a tough one because, well, I didn’t quite like any of them since I’m not a fan of monochromatic pairings but…

A good complementary colour matchup will get the nod as the Broncos wear their orange homes with white pants against the Texans in their usual road whites.

Honourable mentions: 49ers vs Raiders was close! And I think if the Ravens went with their purple instead of black against the Steelers that might’ve clinched it.

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