Bruins Unveil Throwback Unis for 2019 Winter Classic

Written By:  •  Thursday, November 8, 2018

The Boston Bruins this morning unveiled the uniform they’ll wear at the 2019 Winter Classic.

For the outdoor game at Notre Dame Stadium, the Bruins will wear a uniform based off of what the club wore in the 1930s – a large dark brown “B” in the center of the white jersey with dark brown shoulders. The Bruins also wore a version of this uniform during the NHL’s 75th anniversary celebrations in 1991-1992.

There are some differences, the sleeve striping is completely new and could be a reference to the sock striping the team wore back then and the inside collar contains six shamrocks each containing a year in which the Bruins have won the Stanley Cup.

Some photos:

Looking back to the 1930s you can see the similiarities:

And an in-colour more modern version from 1991-92:

The Chicago Blackhawks, Boston’s opponent at the Winter Classic, are set to unveil their uniforms for the game this afternoon at around 4:30pm ET. The Blackhawks are expected to be wearing black and white uniforms, modelled after their uniforms of the 1920s and early 30s.

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