2018 NFL Week 15 Uniform Matchups

Written By:  •  Sunday, December 16, 2018

Week fifteen of the 2018 NFL regular season schedule is here, just two weeks left to go after this one and then I can (maybe just once) attempt to sleep in on a Sunday morning. We’ll see.

With the Saturday games now on the schedule we’ve already seen three games this week, the Chargers and Chiefs went all ColorRushy as is the Thursday night tradition now, while the Saturday games didn’t do anything unusual (but how else would we know these weren’t Sunday games?!). Speaking of unusual Sunday games, the Buffalo Bills will be the team your relatives ask “what the heck are they wearing?!” to you this afternoon, Buffalo’s in their all-red ColorRush set at home against the Lions, the Steelers also opting for their ColorRush set. Jacksonville and Carolina are going with their all-dark, non-Colorrush uniforms, so yes, every southeastern NFL team established in 1995 named after a cat is wearing all black this week.

Here are your uniform matchups for week 15 of the 2018 NFL season:


As for uniform matchup of the week, the San Francisco 49ers hosting the Seattle Seahawks take it today, the red and gold of the 49ers home set pairs nicely against the Seahawks navy blue pants and helmets:

Honourable mentions: Patriots/Steelers, Giants/Titans, Cowboys/Colts.


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