Fremont Moo honor Nebraska cow population

Written By:  •  Thursday, December 27, 2018

The newest team in the collegiate summer Expedition League puts a new twist on mass-noun sports nicknames like the Heat, Jazz, and Wild. The Fremont Moo will begin play in 2019, celebrating Nebraska’s rich bovine heritage, hoping to become the league’s most popular brand (get it?).

“Cattle have an undeniable and profound impact in Nebraska,” said team owner Chad Miller. “With cattle outnumbering people in the state, we set out to pay homage to these cattle in a fun and family friendly manner.”

“We considered many ideas throughout the process,” Miller continued. “In the end, the Moo team name offers the best opportunity for our brand and identity to stand out in a uniquely Nebraskan way. We are thrilled to bring the Moo to Fremont and eastern Nebraska. There really isn’t another team name and logo like it.”

The team’s logo, in purple, orange, black, and white, was designed by Chip David of

Of course, the team will face the same questions every collective noun team faces: Are they singular or plural? The Moo win, or the Moo wins? The can look to teams like the Magic, Avalanche, and Thunder for guidance, but ultimately, the fans will decide.

The Moo open (opens?) play May 24.

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