Potomac Nationals to get new name for 2020 move

Written By:  •  Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Minor League Baseball will have one fewer team named for its parent club in 2020. When the Potomac Nationals make the move to their new stadium 60 miles south in Fredericksburg, Virginia, for the 2020 season, the team will no longer be named for the big league club in Washington, DC.

The fact that we won’t have an F-Nats means that the clock is ticking to see what the latest wacky nickname in MiLB will be. That said, Fredericksburg is not a town that lends itself to frivolity—it’s most commonly associated with Civil War history, and more recently its place as home to the Marine Corps’s Quantico base, the Army’s Fort Belvoir, the Navy’s Dahlgren Surface Weapons Base, and A.P. Hill, a National Guard fort.

The P-Nats announced a name-the-team contest this week and opened an online submission process, found here, which will be open until May 1. The team’s geographic identifier will be Fredericksburg, but everything up is up for grabs, including colors, mascot, and logo concepts.

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