Possible New Logo for New York Jets Leaked

Written By:  •  Monday, April 1, 2019

It may be April 1st, but that doesn’t mean all the news you read today is fabricated.

In what looks to be very real logo news, a 2019 NFL Draft cap was posted to Twitter this evening showing an updated logo for the New York Jets. The Jets are scheduled to unveil both their new logo and uniform at an event in Manhattan on Thursday night. The photos were posted by user @PhilPrimato.

The possible new look shows the Jets retaining the oval/football shape of the logo they’ve now used for twenty-one seasons with slight updates to the designs inside. The “JETS” italicized wordmark in there remains the same, now with “NEW YORK” added above in the same style (previously a large “NY” was behind this wordmark); a football is again placed under this mark but the design of it has been updated.

Due to the quality of the photos in the Tweet, we cannot yet determine if the shade of green has changed, and, assuming this is legit, there’s still the new uniforms to look forward to on Thursday… which I’m hearing is the true star of this redesign.

Be sure to check in with our coverage of the new Jets uniforms and logos on Thursday night, you can always follow us on Twitter for live updates.

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