2019 World Series Logo Leaked via Email Advert

Written By:  •  Tuesday, April 2, 2019

The logo for the 2019 World Series made an early appearance this afternoon, leaked via a Tweet and a promotional email.

Thanks to Twitter user @KevinCBurns, we see what’s been *confirmed* to SportsLogos.Net by multiple people as the 2019 World Series logo. The logo appears on an advertisement promoting a contest to win a trip to either this summer’s All-Star Game or this autumn’s World Series. The logos for both events are included in the graphic – the long ago unveiled All-Star Game on the left and the yet-to-be-revealed World Series logo on the right.

Here’s the Tweet:

The 2019 World Series logo uses a similar (but not quite the same) font as we saw on the 2018 logo but is now placed on a colourful, gradient-rich diamond with colours transitioning from blue to green, red, orange, and yellow. Since posting this story, we’ve learned that these are the colours of all thirty Major League teams, which we’ve seen the league do before on some past special event sock designs.

Of importance to Red Sox fans is, of course, the lack of any flags on the logo, a two flag design was featured on the logos of the 2004, 2007, 2013, and 2018 World Series marks and you can just guess who won the championship in each of those seasons.

World Series Logo History: 1974-2018

We’ll update this story if we receive any confirmation or additional information about this logo. (UPDATE: We’ve since received confirmation from multiple sources, the story above and headline has been updated accordingly to reflect this fact)

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