Omaha Potholes April Fools joke becomes reality

Written By:  •  Wednesday, April 3, 2019

When the Omaha Storm Chasers announced on Twitter earlier this week that they would they would play a game as the Omaha Potholes, it did not seem that farfetched an idea. It would hardly be the most outrageous temporary minor league rebrand we’ve seen—especially considering that the Bowling Green Hot Rods have already announced that they’ll play a game as the Sinkholes to commemorate the earth swallowing up a handful of Corvettes at the nearby Corvette Museum.

But sure enough, a quick glance at the calendar should have warned us to be weary of any news we saw cross our feed that day. The promotion was an April Fools joke, which ensnared none other than sports business reporter Darren Rovell, who unsuspectingly tweeted the news to his followers.

In light of a surprisingly positive reaction to the prank, though, the Storm Chasers announced today that they will indeed hold an Omaha Potholes night, and Darren Rovell is invited to throw out the first pitch. The team will use the evening, which will include Potholes gear and on-field pothole-related activities, to raise money to repair damage done to little league fields by recent flooding in the Omaha area.

The game will take place April 24.

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