All 36 Remaining Possible 2019 Stanley Cup Final Matchups

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Note: We’ll be updating this post as teams (and therefore possible Stanley Cup Final matchups) are eliminated.

The Stanley Cup Playoffs are here, and if you’re a fan of the 16 teams to qualify you’re pretty pumped for it… I mean, unless you’re a Leafs fan, otherwise you’re dreading yet another series with the Bruins (one of these times they gotta beat ’em by accident, right?)

Anywho, as we immediately skip ahead a few weeks, with eight teams in each conference surviving the regular season, that gives us with sixty-four possible matchups for the Stanley Cup Final round. Let’s take a look.

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LAST UPDATE: Apr 20/19

Hands up who had both #1 seeds in each conference out in the first round… impressive… alright, those of you with your hands up, how many of you had them both of out in less than ten games combined? Or had both of them being the first ones eliminated in their respective conferences?

You guys are remarkable.

We lost Tampa Bay and Pittsburgh from the East early, two more joined join from the West in past 24 hours – the two former Atlanta clubs, the Calgary Flames and Winnipeg Jets. Leaving us with just 36 possible Stanley Cup Final matchups of our original 64.

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The rest of this post as I originally presented it prior to the playoffs, with the potential matchups that are no longer possible crossed out.


Time for (what I consider to be) interesting pairings!

Past Stanley Cup Final rematches
2018: Vegas/Washington
2017: Nashville/Pittsburgh
2016: San Jose/Pittsburgh
2004: Calgary/Tampa Bay
1991: Dallas/Pittsburgh
1981: Dallas/NY Islanders
1970: St. Louis/Boston

Expansion Cousins
1979: Colorado/Carolina
1972: Calgary/NY Islanders
1967: St. Louis/Pittsburgh

1967: Dallas/Pittsburgh

New vs Old
100 years: Vegas (2017)/Toronto (1917)
94 years: Vegas (2017)/Boston (1924)
50 years: St Louis, Dallas (1967) / Toronto (1917)

Oh! Canada Matchups
Winnipeg vs. Toronto
Calgary vs. Toronto

Patriotic Pairs
Capitals vs Stars
Stars vs Maple Leafs
Blue Jackets vs Stars

Original Six
Toronto and Boston are the only two Original Six teams to qualify, and they’re going at it in round one.

Colourful Cup
Blues vs Blue Jackets
Golden Knights vs Blue Jackets

Natural Disasters

Animal Kingdom
Bruins vs Sharks
Penguins vs Predators
Predators vs Bruins
Sharks vs Penguins

Any other fun matchups I missed? Share ’em in the comments. I’ll update this post as teams get knocked out until we get to the actual 2019 Stanley Cup Final.

Let’s do that hockey!

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