Mahoning Valley Scrappers to play as Peppers in Oil

Written By:  •  Thursday, May 23, 2019

If nothing else, this wave of minor league baseball teams adopting temporary identities based on local food specialties has demonstrated an astounding array of food items that are considered delicacies. The latest to the smorgasbord of edible identities is the Mahoning Valley Peppers in Oil, the one-game alter ego of the short-season Class A Mahoning Valley Scrappers, an Indians affiliate.

According to the team, “Peppers in Oil became popular in the United States back in the late 19th century; an ethnic cultural food recipe favorite and introduced by European immigrants.”

The uniforms and Brandiose-design logos feature oil-soaked red, green, and yellow peppers, along with splattery white type meant to evoke the iconic oil.

The Scrappers’ hometown of Youngstown, Ohio, has a thriving Little Italy neighborhood, whose local establishments will be on hand for the game to try to claim the title of “Best Peppers in Oil in the Valley,” as determined by fans at the game. One can only assume the residents of Youngstown’s Little Italy neighborhood all look like the alternate logo of an angry Nonna wielding a wooden spoon as a weapon.

The Peppers in Oil will take the field July 13, after which game-worn jerseys will be auctioned off.

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