Augusta GreenJackets celebrate pimento cheese with rebrand

Written By:  •  Friday, June 14, 2019

The recent wave of temporary minor league baseball rebrands has left teams wondering what local food specialty represents their region. In some cases, the answer has been more obvious than others. For a team playing in Augusta, Georgia, there’s no more appropriate food item than the pimento cheese sandwich, a southern delicacy made famous as a concession item at the Masters Golf Tournament.

As such, the Single-A Augusta GreenJackets—whose nickname is already a reference to the famous golf tournament played right there in their hometown—will play two games this summer as the Augusta Pimento Cheese.

Pimento cheese, the “caviar of the South,” is a spread with three main ingredients: a cheese such as American, cheddar, or Velveeta; mayonnaise or salad dressing; and chopped sweet red pimento peppers.

The jerseys, which will be auctioned to benefit Walton Options for Independent Living, feature a script typeface textured to represent the spread, and caps will incorporate a cap logo of an anthropomorphized pimento sandwich.

The Augusta Pimento Cheese will take the field August 2 against the Lakewood BlueClaws and August 3 against the Hickory Crawdads.

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