Colorado State Will Celebrate Sesquicentennial With Hornless Homecoming Helmet

Written By:  •  Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Colorado State unveiled a new hornless helmet on Monday evening that will be worn during the Rams’ homecoming game against San Diego State on Oct. 5.

The white helmet features the university’s official logo — a forward-facing ram head — on both sides and a green and gold Braisher stripe down the middle. There is also a decal celebrating that celebrates Colorado State’s sesquicentennial.

“What we’re planning for the 150th (year) is a unique celebration, and I think we’re trying to be thoughtful,” athletic director Joe Parker said. “I hope it creates some excitement for the fan base. I hope it reflects how we have pride in place. It’s pretty unique when any institution is able to celebrate 150 years of its history.”

The Rams have worn horns on their helmet every season since 1973, diverting from that look just two times since. The first instance came in 2007 when the team wore a throwback helmet to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the university’s switch from Colorado A&M to Colorado State, while the second came in 2017 when the Rams wore “State Pride” uniforms.

“Helmets to me are kind of sacred ground in a way. By virtue of some of the places I’ve been, there’s not a lot of latitude for tinkering,” Parker said. “I think our Rams-horn helmet, in my opinion, is one of those things. We’ve done a bit of modification with the bone, which I think is appropriate.”

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