MLB Teams Wearing Retro Stars and Stripes Caps for Fourth of July 2019

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Alright, folks, we’re getting retro caps for Independence Day! To be worn across the entire Fourth of July Weekend (July 4th – 7th), most* teams will wear a throwback-inspired cap design in red, white, and blue.

*-some teams have never really changed their cap logo, so, they’re just going to stick with what’s always worked for them, and others just decided to keep going with their current look

Jerseys will be the usual team design — no special flag patterned wordmarks on the tops, the first time we’re seeing regular jerseys for Independence Day weekend in several seasons. Socks will feature fireworks along with the usual red, white, and blue; stars and stripes.

I mean just look at those caps up there… that Devil Rays cap alone. It’s a work of art.

MLB Fourth of July “Stars and Stripes” caps available here

All caps will either have a blue crown or a red one, depending on individual team preference, and feature their primary league’s logo on the right side of the cap. The MLB batter logo on the back *appears* to be the Cooperstown Collection version of the logo, I may be wrong about this, but it could be the first time it’s been worn in an actual game.

The Blue Jays, despite being in Canada, will celebrate as well with a cap featuring their original team logo, the cap still in the colours of the United States just with the flag pattern removed.

A look across the league.

Warning: lots of retro goodness:

“Families go the games, now grandparents can say ‘that’s the hat that I grew up with!’, to their grandkids.”, MLB’s Vice President, Authentic Collection Stephen Roche told SportsLogos.Net.

Some odd choices by clubs here, why the Orioles went with the least interesting of their franchise’s collection of logos is beyond me, but the Mariners going for the 1980s version of their logo over the trident is a neat surprise. We saw the Mariners wear this logo for a throwback game in Houston recently.

“New Era came to us with some of the most popular old logos. We went through and went to the organizations and said, ‘This is what we’re recommending, what do you think?’, some of them asked for changes.”, Roche recalled. “Some teams thought it was perfect, others asked if they can go back in time even bit further, to the 50s, instead of the 70s.”

As was the case with Armed Forces Day, all proceeds from Fourth of July merchandise sales will be used to support programs for service members, veterans and military families.

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